Upgrade Your Glazing With Clear Enviro Clarity Low-e Film

Reduce Energy Bills


An installation of EnviroFilm adds a thermal barrier to the inside of the glass pane, preventing heat from escaping.  This can be acheived with a completely clear film or with our various tinted privacy films. 

Retain The Light & The View


Enviro Clarity Low-e is completely clear from both sides and will reduce the U Value down to just 1.08 - this is even lower than Argon Filled Triple Glazing.  As it is clear & non reflective it is fully authorised for use on listed properties.

Be Energy & Money Savvy


Don't throw your hard earned money out of the window!  A huge amount of heat is lost through your windows in wintertime.  A recent client who had an EnviroFilm installation reported a £1 per day saving on his smart meter.