Burglars Beware - We Have A Deterrent...

Enviro Clarity Security


Totally clear from both sides - tested & certified to EN 12600 & Class 2B2 standards this protective film will ensure that your windows & doors are fully compliant in the commercial & services sector.  EnviroFilm also adds a protective layer to hold the glass together on impact.

Think Twice?


Opportunist thieves will always look for the easiest option.  Once EnviroFilm Security is installed the only way to cut through it would be with a sharp blade, most burglars are opportunists and simply come equipped to break glass.

Bomb Blast


Unfortunately, recent developments have called for a heavy duty, thicker & substantial security film which will withstand major impacts such as bomb blasts.  Designed to withstand high impact and prevent flying shards of glass from injuring those caught in the blast.  Also used to protect infrastructure from blast damage.