Conservatory Too Hot In Summer & Too Cold In Winter?

What Is EnviroFilm?

EnviroFilm is a 2ply, UK sourced, premium quality solar film designed to reflect away the heat away in summer & retain heat in winter. Various types are available to suit glass or polycarbonate surfaces

Cost Versus Other Options?

Of course, there are alternatives, such as a solid roof, plasterboard ceiling or false plastic ceiling.  EnviroFilm is the cheapest option and also the quickest & less evasive method of insulation


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How Does It Work?

EnviroFilm is installed internally to the underside of your existing roof.  It reflects away the heat & glare in summertime & will provide you with a thermal Low-e coating in the winter  


78% Heat Reflection In Summer

82% Glare Reduction

99% UV Block

Up to 66% Heat Retention In Winter


• Use your conservatory comfortably all year 

• See TV screens and computer screens clearly

• Protect furnishings/flooring from sun damage

• Reduce your energy bills in the colder months

Enviro Reflective For Glass Roofs


Slight blue tint from the inside 

with a mirror finish to the outside

Enviro CoolKote For Polycarb Roofs


Opaque film which will still let

 in light through the roof 

but without the heat or glare 

Enviro Neutral For Windows/Roofs


If you prefer a more natural look

 there is an option of Enviro Neutral.  

The slightest of tint from the inside with 

a darker grey to the outside